Oxy-fuel Welding and Cutting

Versatile and efficient application

The Mechanischen Werkstätten Wurzen GmbH offers appliances, burners and accessories for welding, flame brazing, flame heating, flame stress relieving, flame hardening, flame straightening, flame cutting, flame gouging, rivet head cutting, flame scorching and flame cleaning.

Areas of Application:

  • shipbuilding industry
  • steel processing
  • automobile industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • tool industry
  • metalworking industries
  • crane construction

The Mechanischen Werkstätten Wurzen GmbH provides devices for the following fuel gases:

  • acetylene
  • propane
  • natural gas (methane)
  • gaseous mixtures

Contact Person - Engineering

E-mail: technik@mw-wurzen.de

Telephone: +49 (3425) 8912-14